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observe, make, measure

Humane Technologies is a spin-out company from the University of Warwick. It focuses on developing and manufacturing open-source, affordable life sciences research equipment, with one product available since June 2018 and more coming through our development pipeline. From this starting position,  we aim to develop into a unique research-based company, that will change the landscape in life sciences research by enabling all curious minds to join in with the innovation and discovery in this most virgin of all research domains.



Some of the biggest scientific inventions and discoveries of the last three centuries were made by citizen scientists. Notable examples include the invention of the microscope, identification of microbes as the cause of infectious disease, and formulation of the theory of evolution. In today’s world, however, these examples are seen as referring to a bygone era. Specialised knowledge and training, as well as the high-costs of sophisticated equipment have created a reduced pool of professional scientists, who are the sole expected creators of new discoveries and innovations.

We believe there is another way. Scientific innovation or discovery can be opened up to participation by larger groups of ordinary citizens, students, and qualified scientists using emerging open source and DIY technologies. Thus, this approach will bring practical scientific endeavour within reach at affordable prices, overcoming a key barrier to experimentation and discovery.

Our team

Humane Technologies is co-founded by Kalesh Sasidharan and Orkun S Soyer. They seeded the core ideas beyond the company and its first products. They remain as active directors of the company. 

The team at Humane Technologies is growing and we are actively looking for like-minded individuals to join the company. Please do follow our progress and job openings, but also feel free to contact us with ideas to work with us. 

Orkun S Soyer
Kalesh Sasidharan
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