Measure growth rates of microbes

MicrobeMeter is a simple, yet highly functional photometer. It is designed for high-resolution temporal monitoring of microbial growth. It can accommodate microbes grown with or without oxygen (aerobic and anaerobic cultures), and allows automated, continuous collection of data through a wireless connection. read more


Just measure

Measure-It is a highly versatile signal amplifier shield for Arduino Mega. It implements four low-noise, high-gain chopper stabilised operational amplifiers, which are optimised for low voltage signal generating sensors (e.g, photodiodes). It allows users to create their own high-precision scientific-grade measurement devices.

Ideal for high-precision wireless measurement projects.

  • Compatible with Arduino Mega
  • Four-channel signal amplifier
  • OpAmp (LTC1053CN) gain: 10.2M
  • Operating voltage: 5V DC
  • Bluetooth data communication via HC-06
  • On-board thermometer
  • Six regulated output channels (e.g. for LEDs)
  • Available as through-hole PCB (alone or with components)
  • Open-source circuit
  • Open-source noise-reducing measurement program
Ideal for wireless measurement and feedback control projects that require high-precision and low/high-power output channels for LEDs, motors, heating elements, etc. 
  • Compatible with Arduino Mega 
  • SMD design
  • Four-channel signal amplifier
  • OpAmp gain: 10.2M
  • Operating voltage: 5-12V DC
  • Bluetooth data communication via HC-06
  • Onboard JST connectors for:
    • 6 high-power (up to 1A) dedicated output channels
    • 9 regulated output channels (e.g., for LEDs)
    • 2 digital output/input channels
    • 5 analogue input channel (4 for amplifier, 1 generic)
    • 1 Bluetooth connection indicator
    • 1 5V DC outlet
  • Open-source noise-reducing measurement program

Product Pipeline

At Humane Technologies, we strive towards a complete product line, offering all key equipment in life sciences research. Our goal is to achieve the ‘£10000 laboratory’. Check again on our progress soon or contact us with queries, comments, or collaboration ideas….

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