Ready-to-use high-precision signal amplifier shield with multiple input and high-power output channels. Compatible with Arduino Mega

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Odigo is a highly versatile signal amplifier shield for Arduino Mega. It implements four low-noise, high-gain chopper stabilised operational amplifiers, which are optimised for low voltage signal generating sensors (e.g, photodiodes). It also consists of both high- and low-power output channels. These features make Odigo ideal for wireless measurement and feedback control projects that require high-precision, and low/high-power output channels for LEDs, motors, heating elements, etc.

  • Compatible with Arduino Mega
  • SMD design
  • Four-channel signal amplifier
  • In-built Bluetooth module
  • Both high- and low-power output channels
  • Dedicated power channel for high-power output channels (requires external power source)
  • High-precision low-noise signal measurement
  • Open-source software
  • Amplifier gain: 10.2M
  • Operating voltage: 2.5-11V DC (used only for the motor drivers, rest of the shield uses power supply from the Arduino Mega)
  • Motor drivers (DRV8835) by Texas Instr.
  • Motor driver max amperage: 1.2A per channel
  • Motor drivers are protected using an onboard resettable fuse
  • Bluetooth 4.0 data communication (RN4871 by Microchip Tech.)
  • Onboard ports for:
    • Motor drivers (6 motors or 3 stepper motors)
    • 5 x regulated output channels (e.g. for LEDs) – 560Ω built-in resistance
    • 4 x regulated output channels (e.g. for LEDs) – 220Ω built-in resistance
    • 1 digital output/input channel
    • 6 x analogue input channels (4 with operational amplifier, 2 without)
    • 1 x Bluetooth connection indicator
    • 1 x 5V DC outlet
  • Download Odigo manual 
  • As per our product terms and conditions, Odigo should be used only according to the guidelines provided in its manual

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